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need to knows

once upon a time...

SEAN and charlie met, played cards and drank tequila, this inevitably lead to marriage. best mate woody ran restaurants with charlie and drank rum with sean, and thus an awesome little gang with big ideas was formed. 

so with nothing but two dogs, a little kitchen and a well stocked booze cabinet to occupy their spare time, the three cooked and drank and laughed their way towards potential gout and a place of their own.  their mission was simple: feed the people and make them happy.

sites came and went and it seemed the perfect spot would never be found... until fate lent a hand and delivered a rare gem amongst freo cafes into their grateful hands.  

and so the bruce was born. and here we are.

we are so, so passionate about the power of a good meal spent with good people, and are giddy at the privilege of sharing that passion with others.

  who knows where the adventure goes from here but as long as there are three goofballs at the helm with a margarita and a hundred ideas a day, it'll be anything but dull ...


opening hours:

6:30am to 3:00pm monday to friday

7:00am to 3:00pm saturday & sunday

8:00am to 12:00pm public holidays

closed christmas day, boxing day & Australia Day


find us: 

18 collie street, fremantle 6160



08 6219 5216





ask us: 

Q: can i bring my doggo with me ? 
a: all of the yes.  the more mutts the merrier

q: what time does your brekkie menu finish ?  
a: 11:30 and then a quick reset for lunch from 12:00 ish

q: who's bruce ?
A: jaws is charlie's favourite movie and our first gang idea was for a fish & chip restaurant.  bruce was the name of the model shark used in the movie and is a nod to our original fishy intentions

q: how do i book a table?
a: follow the 'make a booking' link on this very website.  charlie will email you to confirm your table and you're all set.  please remember we're not a huge restaurant and peak times book out well in advance.  also we can't check the emails while we're serving, so for last minute bookings it's wiser to give us a call

q: do you take bookings for larger groups ?
a: sure do, we can seat up to 14 on one table and can do more over neighbouring tables if needed

q: is woody single & how does he feel about older ladies ? 
a: regrettably very taken. sorry mums

q: are you licensed to serve alcohol ?
a: not yet, but we are fully byo for wine and beer

q: do you offer split billing ?
A: absolutely.  It just makes life easier for everyone

q: where is charlie's dress from ?
a: probably gorman

q: can you host my wedding / graduation / dog's bar mitzvah ?
a: mazel tov! feel free to drop us a line and tell us what you’re after, but a packed chiller and a super busy restaurant mean we can’t really cope with private hire

q: i want to try sean's salmon at home, would he share his secret ? 
a: he'd be stoked.  we're not precious about our dishes, we just want people to eat brilliantly.  feel free to ask for any recipes you'd like to try out for yourself   

Q: do you do gift vouchers ?
A: Sure do.  vouchers can be sold for any amount and can be paid for in person or over the phone / email and posted out if needed